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Frequently Asked Questions

​​How long will it take to fully charge my EV?

This will depend entirely on the size of the battery in your EV, and whether it was completely empty when plugging in. You must also take into consideration the power behind your EV charger.

Please see our handy charging table in the pdf button below which shows charging times for various EV's on the market. 

How much will it cost to charge an EV? 

The average cost to fully charge an EV on the day-rate electricity would be approximately €4/€5. This drops to roughly €2/€3 when using the night-rate electricity. We can offer businesses the opportunity to charge customers for the use of their charger, providing an excellent chance to generate revenue. 

Is planning permission required to install an EV charger?

No, generally planning permission isn't required for installing an EV charger. However, if you are living in rented accommodation you should always clear it with your landlord prior to installation.

What is a priority device and why do I need one?

A priority device may be needed when you want to install a 32A charger and already have a high load in your home, for example; electric showers. Installing a priority device prevents your fuse-board from being overloaded at any one time. If your EV is charging, and the shower turns on, the EV halts charging until the shower switches off. If you have an electric pump shower heated via gas boiler, you do not need a priority device.

Are your electricians registered with Safe Electric?

All of our technicians are registered with Safe Electric and they will be issued with a certificate following your installation. You will also receive a certificate, and we will maintain a copy for our records. 

What is your lead-time?

Our lead-time is approximately 1 week from confirmation of order to installation. We know how eager our customers are to install their new EV / PHEV charger and we try our best to keep within this time frame, however sometimes during busy periods this is just not feasible. We will always work with you to arrange a convenient date for installation. 

What guarantee comes with your charger?

Our EV chargers each come with an individual warranty on parts & labour. Tell us which EV charger you are interested in & we can confirm warranty length. 

Which charge-point would best suit my EV / PHEV?

Each EV / PHEV is different and so their charging needs & portals also differ. Contact us and we can advise you of the best charge-point for your EV.

What happens if I upgrade my car?

Our charge-points are suitable for all types of EV's & PHEV's, meaning you are fully covered for future purchases. Additionally, all of our charge-points are fully up-gradable so if you install a 16A charger, but upgrade to a BEV down the line; it will be a simple matter of upgrading the wiring inside the charger to avail of the higher rate (32A).

Can I avail of any grants to help with the cost of EV Charger installation?

For our customers in Ireland, the SEAI have a new grant offering up to €600 to help cover the installation of a home charge-point. Click here for more information on this grant.  If you live in Northern Ireland or the UK, you may be eligible for the OLEV grant, click here for more information on this grant.  Unfortunately no grants are available to businesses per se, but they can re-claim the cost of installation through the ACA tax incentive. Find out more here

I live in an apartment, can I still install an EV charge-point?

Installing an EV charge in an apartment complex is slightly different, but certainly possible. Firstly, if you are in rented accommodation, you will need to ask permission from your landlord prior to installation. Once you have permission, give us a call and we can run through the many options we have available.

Can the charger be installed from a meter box outside, or does it have to be connected to the fuse-board inside?

Yes, it is now permissible to connect an EV charge point at your meter cabinet. The ideal connection point for the Electric Vehicle charge points will always be the internal fuse board, this amendment to the rules will provide a solution for situations where it is difficult or impossible to run cables back to the main internal fuse board. 

Charging Table for Electric Vehicles 

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