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Our EV Charging Solutions

At Randridge Technologies, we take great pride in each & every EV / PHEV Charging installation we complete, large or small.  We manage every project from start to finish using our extensive experience and knowledge.

We provide the most cutting edge EV Charging technology to the Irish market including everything from your standard home charger to the powerful 350kW DC chargers found at petrol stations worldwide. 

Our Home & Commercial EV chargers include; Free-Socket (un-tethered) EV chargers, Tethered EV chargers and free standing bollard EV chargers.

To see our Home EV chargers, click here


Our Semi-Public & Public EV chargers include; Free-Socket (un-tethered) EV chargers, Tethered EV chargers and free standing bollard EV chargers. We also have a 50 kW rapid DC charger perfect for petrol station forecourts.

To see our Commerical & Public EV Chargers, click here.

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Why should my business install an EV Charge-Point?

Free Advertising - Installing an EV charger offers you the opportunity to list your business on the nationwide map of charging stations, reaching over 2000 EV /PHEV drivers daily.

Charging Options - With our EV charge-points, we offer you the following options:

  • No charge – the user operates the charger without a charge. This would be suitable for private use or where the owner does not wish to charge the user.

  • Charge Point Management System (CPMS) - StopNTop. Our management system offers customers the ability to register and create a post-paid account with no registration fees. It allows for easy management of customer accounts, payments, receipts and usage. 

  • The Mobile App allows customers to locate and reserve a charge point, check the price per kW, see their charging history and how much they were charged for the charging period. 

  • It offers charge point owners the ability to have their charge point monitored 24/7 remotely. Visualised reports give a comprehensive overview of your charging business. 

  • Flexible charging schemes can be set up to suit your business or opt to have the units 'Free to Use'.   

We offer a full comprehensive customer journey, from registration to paying, we cover the whole trail. 

Re-claim the cost of installation - The Accelerated Capital Allowance scheme allows companies re-claim the cost of EV charge-point installation within the same year. Find out if you are eligible here

Attract new customers - EV drivers are constantly researching which bars/hotels/restaurants offer EV charging facilities and visiting these as they have the added convenience of re-charging.

Future proof your business - The number of electric cars on the road is rapidly increasing year on year. Since 2021, the EU Directive 2014 / 94 requires that 10% of parking spaces have EV charging facilities. By installing a charge-point now, you will remain ahead of the curve.

Benefits of installing a Commercial EV Charger

Got a question about EV Charge Points? Contact us

We are here to help & advise you on all of our home & commercial EV charging solutions.

Contact us by phone, email or through our site.

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