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Benefits of Electric Vehicles as a Company Vehicle

Why Choose an EV for your company car?

EV's themselves have become hugely popular with sales growing 542% in the first 2 months of 2019, and now more and more companies are choosing Electric Vehicles for their company cars. EV's are being chosen for a variety of reasons but namely the financial savings associated with them.

1.) Lower Running Costs - cost per km, annual road tax & general maintenance costs are significantly lower than petrol / diesel vehicles.

2.) Lower Carbon Footprint - particularly important is you want to be seen as a 'green company'

3.) 0% B.I.K (Benefit in Kind) - EV's are subject to 0% B.I.K. once under € 50, 000.00. If the vehicles cost more than this, you will only pay B.I.K on the amount exceeding €50, 000.00.

4.) Highest Technology - As EV's are a growing trend, they need to appeal to the mass markets and the latest technology plays an important part. Most EV's come with; pre-heating, heated seats, built in SATNAV, lane assist and adaptive cruise control etc.

Our electric car charging units are suitable for both domestic & commercial premises - feel free to get in touch for more information!

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