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Where can I charge my Electric Car in Ireland?

Updated: Feb 12, 2019

You can charge your electric car at any of the nationwide network of publicly accessible EV charge points. These are located in 'on-street' parking spots, shopping centres and petrol stations. New charge-points are always being added - currently there are almost 1,100 public charge points available across the whole of Ireland.

You can find a location to plug in your electric car with our handy map. Search by location and locate the nearest EV / PHEV charging station.

When you're out and about, download the Plugshare app to your phone for ease of use. This handy app lets you see what charging stations are available and the length of time charging cars will take to reach full charge.

Randridge Technologies are experts in the installation of public charge points. To discuss installing one at your business premises or the tax incentives available, please get in touch for more information!

Phone: +353 1 969 6618  |  Email:


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